Middle School/Junior High

For middle schoolers, the PowerWheel offers the opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of the various sources of energy (especially renewable ones) and how it is transferred and converted from one form to another. Students can witness the PowerWheel in action in their own classroom, be it a part of a physics lab, an earth science lesson or the study of water.

Check our resources page for lessons, labs, worksheets and lectures geared towards Middle Schoolers. These can be used on their own or serve as a guideline for helping integrate renewable energy curriculum into your standard core curriculum. The lessons and materials available have been crafted to meet science requirements for most public school systems. Now is the time to get your students excited about renewable energy. The PowerWheel is an entry point for discussions of where we already see hydropower used in our communities and where we might see it in the future! That is emPOWERing!
The PowerWheel can also serve as a component of a student’s science fair project:

  • The many functions of water
  • Alternative energy in our school/community
  • How energy is converted on small, medium, large scales
  • ….And on and on…Let their creativity power the wheel!
Share ideas of how you or your students have used the PowerWheel in your classroom in our online teacher’s forum. The forum is a great place to share ideas, ask questions and inspire one another. We are all in this movement towards a cleaner energy future together!