Elementary School

Elementary K – 4

Whether you’re looking at simple machines, gearing up for an earth science unit or in search of hands-on physics experiments for your elementary students, the PowerWheel can plug right into the buzz and excitement of your science curriculum.  The “magic” of transformation is alive and visible as students see water converted into power. They have a chance to get close, touch, inspect and use those budding skills of inquiry as they explore the various components that make this magic happen.

The PowerWheel offers an engaging way for students to:

  • Hypothesize: What does this thing do??!
  • Witness: What happens when we turn the water on? Off? What parts move? Where is the water coming from? Where does it go? What is that wheel doing?
  • Discuss: What different pieces are involved in making this machine work? levers, wheels? belts? Where else do we see examples of these simple machines? What causes and effects do we see?
  • Connect: What makes hydropower special?  What other ways can we use mother nature to make healthy, clean power? If hydropower is still relatively unique, where does most of our power, electricity etc. come from?
Our Resources page offers more in-depth lessons, worksheets, lectures and labs for incorporating the PowerWheel into your Elementary classroom.
Share your ideas, stories and links to pictures of your students at work with the PowerWheel, in our Teacher’s Forum. This forum also offers a great place to ask questions, receive feedback and get inspired by fellow educators!