PowerWheel for Students

We want to put the power in your hands! What kind of power you ask? The power that comes from energy that is renewable and clean; energy that will make the future of our planet healthier.A PowerWheel in your classroom offers you and your friends a chance to witness, and experiment with the conversion of water into electricity. Making electricity from water is really cool because unlike oil or other fossil fuels, the energy source won’t ever run out. And…it’s fun! Hook the PowerWheel up to the tap in your classroom and you’ve got power…Now the question is: what will you do with it? Charge your cell phone? Electric pencil sharpener? Radio?

Share stories, ideas or a link to pictures of how your class has used the PowerWheel in our Student Forum.

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  • Clean, alternative sources of energy.
  • Youth-led projects that are connected to clean energy and the environment.

Want a PowerWheel for your classroom? Email your teacher the link to this site!