PowerWheel for Educators

Knowledge (of power) is power!

Teaching energy, especially renewable energy to students of all ages, has never been more important. Offering today’s children an understanding of sustainable sources of power, gives them the power…to care for their future. As a teaching tool, the PowerWheel can be used in conjunction with energy lessons for kids that reach beyond the classroom, connect sources of electricity back to nature, and teach towards a cleaner, more renewable future. The PowerWheel provides an entry point for expanded lessons in natural energy sources including water, wind and solar power.
-= Great for All Ages =-

Go with the flow…of energy! Convert your students antzy energy into focus by getting them engaged with water wheel experiments and interactive exploration as the PowerWheel transforms water into electricity. The PowerWheel is a hands-on, safe and engaging teaching tool. It can be incorporated into renewable energy lessons, your general physics curriculum or as a way for your students to witness the conversion of energy through potential, kinetic, mechanical, electrical and radiant states. Because it’s fun, accessible and relevant for a broad age-range of students, the PowerWheel can be shared amidst your whole science department. Choose the curriculum that’s right for your own class and invite your colleagues to do the same. Exchange ideas, ask questions and inspire one another on our Teacher’s Forum.

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