High School

The PowerWheel brings hydropower right to your classroom. As the Earth’s population grows and our demand for resources increases, energy production and consumption have become perhaps the biggest issues on the global plate. Now is the time to offer students the knowledge and understanding of renewable energy in all it’s forms.  The PowerWheel can be an entry point for these lessons by bringing hydropower, in a form students can engage with, directly to your classroom. The PowerWheel connects to the tap and the municipal water supply so that students can witness directly, the conversion of water into electricity.

  • Check our Resources page for downloadable lessons, labs, lectures and worksheets that will help you integrate the PowerWheel into your High School classroom.
  • The PowerWheel and Hydropower at large can connect to a larger conversation of alternative energy in many forms. Some ideas that fellow teachers have found useful
  • Where do you see hydropower or other forms of alternative energy being used in your own community?
  • Could the PowerWheel be retrofitted to work with your school’s rainwater runoff system?
  • How do the elements of force, distance, volume and speed relate to the PowerWheel?
  • Could the PowerWheel be incorporated into a Science Fair project for students interested in hydropower? Water in its many forms and uses? Alternative energy?

Share ideas of how you or your students have used the PowerWheel in your classroom in our online teacher’s forum. The forum is a great place to share ideas, ask questions and inspire one another. We are all in this movement towards a cleaner energy future together!