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PowerWheel Lessons

  • All utilize or can be related to the PowerWheel
  • All can be linked to a National Science Federation Teaching Standard
  • All include basic information suitable to adapt for every grade level (starting points)
  • All written lessons utilize the lesson plan template.
  • All written lessons provide ability to move up Bloom’s Taxonomy

Lesson Name Written Form Video Link
Lesson 1
Introduction to Lesson Plan Format
Download Video
Lesson 2
Introduction to Bloom’s Taxonomy
Sample Q's
Lesson 3
Parts of the PowerWheel and how it works (Lesson by Inquiry)
Download Video
Lesson 4
Overview of the Different Types of Energy
Download Video
Lesson 4b
Snapshot Lessons [New!]
"5 Minute Lessons Remembered for a Lifetime"
Download Video
Coming in March
Lesson 5
The Pelton Wheel and the PowerWheel
Coming Soon Video
Lesson 6
LED and Incandescent Lights - There is a difference
Coming Soon Video
Lesson 7
The PowerWheel as Hydro-Electric Plant
Coming Soon Video
Other Lesson Plan Ideas being Developed
  • Recognizing Energy in our World
  • Hydro Power in our community
  • How Gears Work

Do you have ideas for PowerWheel Lesson Plans? Submit your ideas and become eligible for a $50 gift certificate for classroom equipment if we use your lesson online. E-mail us at powerwheel@comcast.net

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