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    We’ve included a few ideas in your manual, but we’d love to hear how you’re teaching energy in the classroom.

    A few ideas from our teachers:
    – Use PW to charge cell phones, iPads, iPods etc.
    – Hook up to old radio – discuss Conservation of Energy
    – Identify the PW’s parts – where else do you see these?
    – Calculate how much power the PW is generating
    – Calculate how much power you’d need for a few household appliances
    – Where is the nearest HydroPower Plant? What type of turbine does it use?
    – Make a scale model of the PowerWheel vs. New Colgate Powerhouse
    – Plan a city that is entirely renewable and clean powered by renewable resources
    – Energy Detectives – What energy source am I?
    – Represent all renewable energy sources with art

    Let us know what else you’ve been doing! Have fun!


    Miss Hubbell

    I introduced the PowerWheel to my third graders by looking at the various parts as a group, identifying where we’ve seen similar components at work (they know their simple machines, wheels etc) and having them hypothesize what the device could do. They loved seeing it in action and watching the light strip light up. I also had students play the Energy Detective Game. There is a fairly detailed lesson plan that offers a nice process here. (page 13)

    I just amended it for use with my particular group of third graders. During our free choice time, students also had the opportunity to draw the PowerWheel and then write what they would like to power with the device. In the coming weeks we will be looking more deeply into renewable energy sources, especially those used in our town and state. Anyone have any suggestions for a lesson on conserving energy that could get 3rd graders up and moving (ie. one that will USE their energy?!)



    Thanks Miss Hubbell. This is great.



    It is typically more expensive for you to designate "green" power. It is a method to subsidize the building of more wind power, but in reality wind power is not any more "green" than nuclear power. The intermittent nature of wind power makes it necessary to have some sort of "backup" power, usually gas, wind uses much more concrete and steel than nuclear power for the same amount of megawatts. Wind power actually has a larger "footprint" than nuclear power, it takes more land to produce the same amount of power. We need to explore all the methods of producing power while minimizing the effect on the environment, this is one way of donating to that cause and voting with your $$.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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